Leap Motion


If you haven’t heard of the latest motion capture device that’s been making waves in the community, let me break it to you. The Leap is an amazingly small device (literally┬ásmaller than a computer mouse) that can capture your hand’s input.


It’s been quoted to be 200 times more powerful “accurate” than the Kinect (whatever the term “powerful” “accurate” means is referring to), and from the videos on their website, it looks to pick up a very solid 3d image of whatever you put in front of it. Not to mention that it’s RRP at only $70.

Because it’s so small and works in such a small area, it’s much different than the Kinect, which is primarily aimed at tracking your whole body’s movements, which limits it’s uses somewhat.

I’ve managed to wrangle a dev release for this little motion capture beast. I’m receiving it in the next few weeks, so expect to seem some finger-music-making experiments from me shortly!



Futuristic projection mapped game-show

The team of 60 artists/developers at Moment Factory have created a completely dynamic and virtual game-show set using an elegant combination of lighting, projection mapping and sound.

Moment Factory have created their own software called X-Agora, which combines the various technologies together to allow the team to create a dynamic and immersive set in a large-scale and high-quality production.

This is some truly futuristic stuff and is certain to inspire.

Amazing Battlefield 3 Simulator

Getting some amazingly hot hits on YouTube is a new video FULL to the brim of awesome future tech – the Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator video from The Gadget Show. 360 degree projection dome, automatic┬átreadmills, paintball ‘force feedback’, motion tracking, the list of tech is huge…. and it uses the Kinect =)

This is the kind of thing that makes me really love the future.