Chris Vik is a rising name in the world of interactive music for pioneering live music performance using modern motion capture technology. In November 2011 he launched his software Kinectar, a platform built for digital artists to create and perform using the Kinect sensor. He has used his system to control the Melbourne Town Hall Organ, 100-speaker diffusion system and has performed at electronic music events around Australia and technology events such as the Seattle Science Festival. His works have been featured on Australian nation broadcast and print media, as well as respected institutions around the world including The Verge, The Atlantic, Gizmodo and Engadget.

Focusing on sonic projects based around interaction, immersion and motion; Chris’ passion lies in what can be expressed through our relationship with technology. His aim is to experiment with how sensors and data can be used to create meaningful representations of creative, interactive intent not yet explored.


9 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Hi Chris
    Great work! I’m very interested in what your doing. I’m starting a project in a couple of months where I want to control video like you are doing with sound. If you could put me on your mailing list I would like to play with your beta version that you are releasing soon. Cheers

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