Kinectar/dance collab development (Sydney)

I’m currently up in Sydney working on a collaborative project with Sydney dancer Paul Walker at a week-long residency at PACT theatre.

We’re attempting to reverse the idea of dance being TO music, instead putting the power in the dancer’s hands (oh, that’s such a tag line right there), creating a feedback loop where the dancer is dancing to the music they’re creating by dancing (awesome!!)

The project aims to build up an array of content using my software, Kinectar, in the context of contemporary dance; continuing my goal of discovering new ways to use the human body as an organic music controller.

We have a showing at PACT theatre this Friday (17/02/12) @ 5.30pm. It will be a short, informal viewing, demonstrating the content we’ve been developing during the week and a session to ask us questions or give feedback about the development. So if you’re in Sydney, head down and say hi!


2 thoughts on “Kinectar/dance collab development (Sydney)

  1. Any chance of a show while your in Sydney. I saw you at Dragon Dreaming last year and I still can’t get out of my head what an amazing show it was.

    • Na, unfortunately I don’t have any gigs for this trip up to Sydney. Only the dance collab showing on friday arvo. Amongst developing the software, collabs and finishing uni, I’ve barely had enough time to develop my own sets which is a shame.. I’m going to make time for it this year though, so look out for me in the next couple of months for sure.

      Thanks for your comment!

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