Kinectar – Tutorial 1 (The Basics & CC Output)

Hi all. I’ve been hard at work building a brand new build for Kinect (0.7.0) which include many new features and (hopefully) some bug fixes. It will also have… dun dududAAAN! MAC OSX support. If everything goes well I should have it out in a few days.

After the many requests for a tutorial I’ve heeded the call and started the big slog of documenting Kinectar in video tutorial format. This is the first:

Many more to come!


5 thoughts on “Kinectar – Tutorial 1 (The Basics & CC Output)

  1. great stuff, can’t wait to try. Right now I am playing a lot with the Synapse max4live-patches – works very well, but your software appears a bit more streamlined and might be more responsive.

    • I’ve only briefly tried Synapse, but from first glance you’re right, OSCeleton is more responsive. However, with the next version of Kinectar, you’ll be able to select between OSCeleton and Synapse input, so you can see for yourself! =)

    • Hehe, soon, I promise! I’m releasing the Mac version with v0.7.0 (lots of added features) – just ironing out some bugs and it should be out in a couple of days. I’ll certainly post it on my blog, twitter, facebook etc

  2. Ace program, but havn’t figured it out yet. I have a different version of kinectar that you’re using in the tut, and just trying to figure out how to send out to midiyoke (Unless I’m not doing something right lol. more replays of tut I think.

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