Kinectar – Tutorial 1 (The Basics & CC Output)

Hi all. I’ve been hard at work building a brand new build for Kinect (0.7.0) which include many new features and (hopefully) some bug fixes. It will also have… dun dududAAAN! MAC OSX support. If everything goes well I should have it out in a few days.

After the many requests for a tutorial I’ve heeded the call and started the big slog of documenting Kinectar in video tutorial format. This is the first:

Many more to come!


Futuristic projection mapped game-show

The team of 60 artists/developers at Moment Factory have created a completely dynamic and virtual game-show set using an elegant combination of lighting, projection mapping and sound.

Moment Factory have created their own software called X-Agora, which combines the various technologies together to allow the team to create a dynamic and immersive set in a large-scale and high-quality production.

This is some truly futuristic stuff and is certain to inspire.