EB Games Expo Kinect Performance

This is a video someone’s posted on youtube of one of my performances at the EB Games Expo in the Gold Coast over the weekend. I had a ton of fun playing in front of the 15,000 or so fellow nerds over the weekend and checked out all the latest games! Skyrim looks amazing!

Check it!


2 thoughts on “EB Games Expo Kinect Performance

  1. Chris this is really cool. I love the video in the background! I don’t know the first thing about Xbox Kinect or Ableton Live so this shows how it works for me. Love it! Eric and I met you at your first day at EB Games Expo šŸ™‚ Cool stuff šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Kristin! It was nice to meet you. That was a pretty cool expo! I was stoked to be able to play there. We had some problems on the first day with the video output, but certainly, it made a whole lot more sense to people when they could see a bit of what was happening. I’ll take it on board and try to have that going every time I play now. Thanks for the contact!

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