Amazing Battlefield 3 Simulator

Getting some amazingly hot hits on YouTube is a new video FULL to the brim of awesome future tech – the Ultimate Battlefield 3 Simulator video from The Gadget Show. 360 degree projection dome, automatic treadmills, paintball ‘force feedback’, motion tracking, the list of tech is huge…. and it uses the Kinect =)

This is the kind of thing that makes me really love the future.


OUT_SET : (7/11/11) Melb, Aus


Fine Arts Sound graduates come together with a dwindling grip on sonic reality beautifully showcasing the misuse of technology and broken symphonies. A once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the future of emerging sonic artists presenting their carefully constructed sounds. The 13 artists will present a diverse range soundworks that will show a glimpse into the future of music performance, composition & presentation. A show not to be missed and never to be repeated.

When: Monday 7th November, 8pm

Where: The Toff in Town

Cost: $5


EB Games Expo Kinect Performance

This is a video someone’s posted on youtube of one of my performances at the EB Games Expo in the Gold Coast over the weekend. I had a ton of fun playing in front of the 15,000 or so fellow nerds over the weekend and checked out all the latest games! Skyrim looks amazing!

Check it!

Kinect Controlled… [#1] – Federation Bells, Melb. (Oct 2011)

If you’re in Melbourne this week on Thursday night from 7pm (13/10/11) come down to Federation Bells to see me ding the big, metal, MIDI controllable dongs with my trusty Kinect system.

The federation bells were built as a public art space that you can upload MIDI or plug in a device to play the bells. I’m fortunate enough to be able to test out my Kinect Max patch on these though my Technology, Composition and Perception class with lecturer Darrin Verhagen.

The result will be everyone standing around watching me wave my arms in the air while 40 bells go off around them in a cacophony of dinging, and perhaps a proportionate enumeration of dongings. Only it’ll be super-epicly-awesome because I’m dinging them with technology!