Live Looping with Ableton and Xbox Kinect

A live performance I did on June 1st @ Microsoft’s REMIX11 conference using my custom Kinect/Ableton/Max setup. I’ve moved on from just controlling a bassline, and now have it setup to a whole assortment of virtual instruments and loop them live to create entire tracks.

Music setup:
– Ableton Live
– NI Massive
– Max/MSP (making useful MIDI data out of the hand coordinates from OSCeleton)
– Behringer FCB1010 (controlling Ableton, ie. looping, switching the Kinect’s instrument etc)

Kinect setup:
OpenNI, PrimeSense’s NITE, OSCeleton


5 thoughts on “Live Looping with Ableton and Xbox Kinect

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  2. Hey,

    Where do I go in ableton live in order to setup hand gestures and what happens when you move them?

    I have installed max, open Ni, PrimeSense SensorKInect and last Synapse.

    • Hey Bob. I’m actually using my own custom setup that doesn’t involve Synapse. I believe the developer Ryan has some tutorial videos on his site that you might want to take a look at.
      Good luck with your setup!


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