Live Kinect performance in Melbourne 24/06/11 (tomorrow night)

Since my performance at REMIX11 I’ve been working solidly (5-8 hours daily) on getting a full blown, 30 minute live set performance with the Kinect. And I’m happy to say it will be my tool of choice tomorrow night at Brown Ally, Melb.¬†for Enig’matik’s album launch party.

It’ll be an amazing night from start to finish, but make sure you head down by 10pm if you want to catch my set!


Live Looping with Ableton and Xbox Kinect

A live performance I did on June 1st @ Microsoft’s REMIX11 conference using my custom Kinect/Ableton/Max setup. I’ve moved on from just controlling a bassline, and now have it setup to a whole assortment of virtual instruments and loop them live to create entire tracks.

Music setup:
– Ableton Live
– NI Massive
– Max/MSP (making useful MIDI data out of the hand coordinates from OSCeleton)
– Behringer FCB1010 (controlling Ableton, ie. looping, switching the Kinect’s instrument etc)

Kinect setup:
OpenNI, PrimeSense’s NITE, OSCeleton