New Synaecide track out on Enig’matik Records

A good mate of mine, Sun In Aquarius, has gathered together a team of awesome electronic producers and released the first compilation of his new record label Enig’matik. This beauty features tracks from Sensient, The Mollusk, Vaetxh, S.I.A and of course yours truly, Synaecide plus many more. Make sure you give it a listen and and be sure to check out my track De-Virtualization :

Go to their label page

Exploring the vast and unexplored expanses of Experimental Electronica, Enig’matik Records presents 16 Artists From Australia,The U.K & New Zealand that have been meticulously handpicked by Label Creator and Artist SUN IN AQUARIUS. All these artists bring forward thinking glitch tinged productions to the table. Songs that contain unsurpassed attention to detail , rich emotional depth and blistering sound design techniques, creating dense Sonic Environments begging to be explored.


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