Kinect Dubstep Bassline function demo

Here’s a new video of my Kinect Dubstep Bassline patch with me explaining and breaking down all the functions of it, before another quick demo. Hopefully this clears everything up for anyone curious as to how it worked!


6 thoughts on “Kinect Dubstep Bassline function demo

    • you have to split up the OSC data coming out of OSCeleton into usable MIDI data. i did this by making a Max patch using the object “OSC-route”, you should be able to find this straight away on the net. download it, read the help file and have a crack. you might want to start off by making a “udpreceive” object and plugging it into “print”. things will make a bit more sense once you can see the data.

    • not currently. if people are willing to learn how to do it themselves in max i’m happy to point them in the right direction. but i’m not going to release anything until i’ve ironed out the bugs, otherwise i’d end up spending my time helping people set up my dodgy release instead of working on something that actually works! =)

    • actually if you’ve got max, i’ve found a guy (Tohm Judson) that’s done a tutorial and makes everything quite simple. check him out! it’s great.

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