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What’s better promo than having one video on Having two videos up on the front page! Add some motivational nay sayers, ‘fake!’ and you’ve got yourself a third video (in the near future)
Dubstep Bassline Follow Up


Kinect Dubstep Bassline function demo

Here’s a new video of my Kinect Dubstep Bassline patch with me explaining and breaking down all the functions of it, before another quick demo. Hopefully this clears everything up for anyone curious as to how it worked!

Dubstep Bassline using Xbox Kinect

Just a quick demonstration of some dubstep wobble madness manipulated live using the Xbox Kinect.

I’m using a MASSIVE patch I made controlling pitch (which is locked to a 3 note scale for ease of use), filter cutoff, resonance, LFO depth, LFO speed, as well as reverb. There’s are mapped to the X Y and Z co-ordinates of my hands.

Here’s the setup…

– OpenNI
– PrimeSense’s NITE Middleware
– OSCeleton
– Max/MSP to recieve the OSC data and convert it into MIDI (cheers for the help josh)
– Ableton Live running NI MASSIVE and a simple drum loop

Running on Windows 7